Like Some Local Food?

  •  Restaurant el Gínjol

This is one of our favorites! good food, good price and simply beauty full. It has a very nice garden were you can have a delicious dinner in their typical spanish garden

PicMonkey Collage

mapa gínjol


  • Ca L’Aureli is at the moment the best ‘Tapas’ Bar in Pineda. It’s the typical place where you take a seat at 16:00 and you go at 01:00 AM. Check their Facebook and enjoy the meal!

PicMonkey Collagemapa cal'aureli

  • Restaurant Can Rosich 

Like some luxury? this is close to it! if you have some special celebration and you want to surprise, this is the place. Good design Spanish Gastronomy in one of the oldest houses of the town. Check their Site to know more about them

PicMonkey Collagemapa can rosich

  • Moloco Beach Club

You like beach? some good cocktails? relax in the best lounge corner you can imagine!

This is the place. In summer they organize concerts, monologues, cocktail nights and more. Moloko is a leader in the Maresme coast for quality in all way’s. If you want to enjoy and feel they take care of you, visit them.

PicMonkey Collage

Clik on this map, when you arrive, cross over direction the beach and you will find It



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