If you need to fill the fridge, these are sites that we recommend

Closest to you

  • Carnisseria Aragonès, is 20mtr from your apartment. It is the nearest supermarket. It’s one of the oldest in the village, specialized in meat and a wide range of fresh products. (1 min)

carrito big

  •  Aldi,  to feel like home but with some spanish differences (14 min Walk, Clik on logo and see route)


  • Lidl santa susanna, Aldi’s brother, but moreover can use our bikes (Click the logo and see route 7 min by car, 10 by bike, 31 Walk)


  • Carrefour, the biggest market in town (10 min Walk) Open on Sunday Morning till 14:00


You need Some easy food at after-hours?

No Problem, go to our big friend Wassel. Open 7 days from 10:30-00:00 it’s a little beat more expensive but open always. and 2 minutes Walking from your apartment. Ideal if you arrive on sunday evening and you want some snaks, extra beers or some bread.

carrito big

If you want something bigger, like a commercial center, you have one close to Lidl. It’s also a Carrefour but with many other possibilities. Check the map below

carrito big

Some Meat?

  • Al Rahma by Larbi.  The Butcher Larbi, I dare say it is one of the best in Europe, will have its meat in less than 2 minutes of the highest quality. Came to town 5 years ago and 95% of its inhabitants buy meat there. The best quality at the best price. Just do not ask him pork, to be Moroccan, he does not sell it, but luckily the best pork sold is in the supermarket above (Carnisseria Aragonès) (4 min walk)

carrito big

Some Fresh Fish?

We Recommend you ‘peix al plat’. It is an old fishmonger in Pineda, offering fresh fish at the best price near the apartment and good quality. (4 min Walking)

carrito big

Like fresh bread?

  • Forn de pà Isarn is quite good quality and good price (2 min walk)

carrito big

  • Pastisseria Mallol since 1886, this bakery has more than a century old, its products are of high quality but also something expensive. Specialized in cakes and pastries. (2 min Walk)

carrito big



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