Spain is one of the countries with the largest selection of wine in the world. We often say that in this country, a liter of wine is cheaper than a gallon of gasoline. Through these sites you can enjoy an exceptional price / quality wine. Enjoy it!

  • ‘Vi que bò’ Is a small winery near the apartments, ideal starting point to discover our wines. The seller doesn’t speak english, but try to be understood. Luckily, the names of the grape varieties are the same worldwide. If you say Chardonnay or Cabernet sauvignon automatically teach you what you need. Even any error wines are very good quality and price so it’s impossible to go wrong. (3 min Walk)

grape big



  • ‘Wine Palace’ is a place to go when you already know what you want, it’s much bigger than the last, it is like going to a specialist wine and alcoholic beverages supermarket. They don’t have only wine, you can find a wide range of spirits and liqueurs that are rarely seen on the market.

grape big



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