Pineda de Mar was , like many other towns on the Mediterranean coast originally a fishing village. With the advent of tourism in the 60s, a few small hotels were built, but other than that , the town grew less than other towns on the coast. The mayor tried to avoid whenever possible, mass tourism. This gave rise to the formation of another type of tourism,  Spanish tourism.

Many residents of Barcelona wanted to relax after a week of work at the beach in their free weekend and preferably not too far from the city. Pineda de Mar was for many a favored location, where not only the weekends were spent, but also the summer vacations in the month of August. Attracted by the relative calm still present,  Catalan artists and academics came to spend their holidays.

The last twenty years the town has grown and  apartments were built but there is until today still no mass tourism and there are no  noisy discos, so that many can come here for their rest, especially in the pre- and postseason.

Pineda is located directly on the sea and has many outdoor cafes on the promenade, where you can eat  and drink on the nice terraces of some “tapas”-bars. The next village, Calella, is located at walking distance. Nature-worshippers can go for long walks in the nearby mountains  to try and find wild growing green  asparagus or mushrooms, or they can rent bicycles to go alongside the beach to some neighbour villages.

The train station is located on the beach which offers the opportunity to visit  many other towns on the coast. Worth  to mention is, for example Blanes with its beautifully landscaped Botanical Gardens. There is a boulevard that leads to the harbor where you can visit the fish-auction or try some of the most delicious seafood dishes on one of the terraces.

There is twice an hour a trian going to Barcelona , the capital of Catalonia and once an hour a train to Gerona ( Girona ) ; this is a beautiful old city , built by the Romans , where in the month of May for a week in the old town, beautiful floral decorations in the centuries -old buildings are to be seen ( see attached photos) .

If you drive further north by train from Girona yet, you come to Figueres to visit  the  museum of the famous surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. It will be best to reserve your entrance ticket by internet, to avoid the long waiting in the endless queues outside.

Finally, I would like to mention that in a radius of 60 km you will find three golf-courses; free transport to and fron request.

For everything you would want to do during your stay you can get complete information and help from me.

One thought on “Location

  1. Lieve Annelies, het ziet er prachtig uit! Gefeliciteerd met deze mooie appartementen.
    Ik hoop van harte, dat er veel animo voor is en dat jullie regelmatig volgeboekt zijn.
    Per 010115 ga ik met pensioen en hoop dan, samen met Madeleine wat meer te gaan reizen; een bezoek aan jou in Pineda staat zeker op mijn verlanglijstje.
    Heel veel liefs en tot mailens


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